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Scaling Objects for the Enterprise: GemStone/S Architecture

  1. Intro (23MB)
  2. Objects (54MB)
  3. Special Objects and Header (67MB)
  4. Large Objects (18MB)
  5. Repository, Extents, and Object Table (22MB)
  6. Component Overview (41MB)
  7. Shared Page Cache (58MB)
  8. How Gems Create an Object (28MB)
  9. How Gems Read an Object (21MB)
  10. How Gems Modify an Object (34MB)
  11. How A Gem Dereferences an Object (8MB)
  12. Commit Record Backlog (44MB)
  13. Handling Commit Record Backlog (14MB)
  14. Commit Process (35MB)
  15. Concurrency (71MB)
  16. Lock Granularity (67MB)
  17. Reduced Conflict Classes (87MB)
  18. Stone Process (61MB)
  19. GC - Live and Dead Objects (53MB)
  20. Repository GC Steps (64MB)
  21. Epoch GC, Offline GC, Multi-machine (15MB)
  22. Garbage Collection Questions (66MB)