What is GLASS?

GLASS – GemStone, Linux, Apache, Seaside, and Smalltalk – provides a powerful new way to rapidly create and deploy desktop-like web applications. GLASS makes GemStone's transparent persistence, enterprise scalability, and legendary reliability available to web application developers. By using GLASS, you can focus on developing your application, and not spend any time on complex Object-Relational mapping or other persistence schemes. For more details, visit the GLASS Wiki, or read Dale's or James' blog.

You may use GLASS at no charge to develop, deploy, and distribute GemStone/Seaside applications, as long as you abide by the terms of the License and the restrictions imposed by the included keyfile. You may also purchase higher capacity Web Editions of GemStone/S.

GLASS will run on a 64-bit X86-based Linux or Macintosh computer or comparable virtual machine. GemStone/S Web Edition and GemTools for use with GLASS are available on our download page.

About GemStone/S

GemStone/S combines an enterprise class application server, a robust object database, and a multi-user Smalltalk virtual machine. With the addition of the open source Seaside framework, and other add-ons such as script.aculo.us, and the Pier CMS, GemStone/S provides an excellent platform for deploying dynamic web applications with transparent persistence.