GemTalk's Web Edition for GemStone/S 64 Bit

Frequently Asked Questions


Q:    What is GemTalk's Web Edition of GemStone/S 64 Bit?

A:     The Web Edition provides licensing options for free or low-cost use of GemStone/S 64 Bit.

Q:    May I use the Web Edition in production?

A:     Yes, the Web Edition is intended be used for production (as well as for evaluation, development, testing, and disaster recovery).  The number of production databases is limited for some free licenses.

Q:    For licenses where the number of production databases is limited, do those limits include hot-standby databases?

A:     No, hot-standby databases are excluded from the limits.

Q:    May I use the Web Edition for non-web applications?

A:     Yes, applications without an HTTP server are permitted.

Q:    Does the Web Edition impose any limits on the functionality of GemStone/S 64 Bit?

A:     Like all editions of GemStone/S 64 Bit, the Web Edition requires a 'keyfile' to be present.  The keyfile describes size and operational limits on the product's use that are based on the license.

Q:    What types of limits are imposed by the keyfile?

A:     Limits include things like the size of the repository, the size of the Shared Page Cache, the number of concurrent sessions, and the number of CPU cores used by GemStone/S 64 Bit.

Q:    Is GemBuilder for Smalltalk (GBS) included in the Web Edition?

A:     No, the Web Edition includes use of the server, but does not include use of client libraries with GBS VisualWorks or VA Smalltalk.

Q:    Are custom licenses available that have higher limits than those included in the Web Edition?

A:     Yes, contact GemTalk ( ) to arrange a license appropriate for your use.

Q:    What is the difference between a perpetual license and a subscription license?

A:     A perpetual license does not expire, but may be limited to a particular version of the product. A subscription license generally includes new versions of the product and has an expiration date after which the system will not operate.

Q:    If I wish to upgrade from the starter keyfile included with the download to the free “Limited” subscription license, how can I get a keyfile?

A:     Send an email request to

Q:    What is a ticket?

A:     A ticket is a request for technical support entered into the GemTalk help request system.

Q:    What happens if I exceed the repository size limit of 10G for the Starter license and 50G for the Limited license?

A:     Your database will shut down and will not start until you obtain a key file with a larger limit.  We strongly recommend that you configure your system to have a lower limit so that you can raise the limit and do cleanup if needed.  An emergency key file may be obtained during normal business hours via e-mail.  The emergency key file will have a larger repository size limit and will be valid for 7 days.